17 Apr 2014

Bougainville emergency chief calls on people to help themselves

7:25 pm on 17 April 2014

Following strong earthquakes in Bougainville in Papua New Guinea last weekend, the emergency manager says people need to help themselves.

The earthquakes killed one child when a house collapsed on Friday night, and the Red Cross is now reporting an elderly woman passed away in Panguna on Sunday.

The Director of Disaster and Emergency Services, Franklin Lacey, says about 50 to 60 houses were destroyed and tarpaulins are being donated by the Red Cross and Digicel.

While emergency workers in Buin say people are returning to their properties and starting to rebuild, Mr Lacey says he is still waiting on reports from some regions.

"My concern is that people should look after themselves and that disaster is everyone's issue. And also disaster preparedness is purely common sense, so they have to look after themselves at this point in time while we are trying to look for assistance."

Franklin Lacey.