3 Mar 2014

King tide floods Marshall Islands capital

3:09 pm on 3 March 2014

A high tide energised by storm surges has flooded many parts of Majuro, the capital of the Marshall Islands, and weather officials have warned of more flooding with tonight's high tide.

The United States Embassy in Majuro says the widespread inundation started around four o'clock this morning.

The officer in charge of the Majuro weather station, Reginald White, says a weather system east of Japan is generating swells that hit the Marshall Islands on Sunday night.

Some parts of Majuro Atoll are barely 30 centimetres above sea level, and are often flooded during the February and March period when the region is affected by the annual cycle of king tides.

There have been no reports of injuries, but many homes have sustained some damage, and roads were littered with garbage, rocks and sand tossed up by the surging tide.