3 Mar 2014

Vanuatu improving access to pre-school education

7:47 am on 3 March 2014

The Vanuatu government has launched a strategy to improve access to early childhood education and increase school readiness.

The national pre-school co-ordinator, Jenny James, says 60 kindergartens will be set up around the country as a pilot and if numeracy and literacy rates improve, it will be rolled out further.

Ms James says many children in both urban and rural areas do not attend kindergarten because of high fees or distance.

She says that is concerning as 80 percent of childrens' learning takes place before the child enters primary school.

She says this strategy will involve parents and the community in childrens' learning.

"Teachers will be attending a lot of training to improve their knowledge on early learning, on childrens' development, and we will be supplying a lot of materials for the schools. And also at the same time, making sure parents are aware of the development taking place in their children."

Jenny James says the programme is being funded by Australia and New Zealand, and implemented by the Ministry of Education and World Vision.