24 Feb 2014

Samoa opposition leader to work with break away MPs

7:35 pm on 24 February 2014

The opposition Tautua Party in Samoa says it has been in touch with MPs breaking away from the ruling Human Rights Protection Party to discuss ways they can work together.

It's understood three MPs have so far broken away from HRPP to form a new political party.

This follows calls from within the HRPP for the resignation of the Finance Minister, Faumuina Tiatia Liuga, over allegations of abuse of power and mismanagement.

The leader of the Tautua party, Palusalue Faapo II, says the HRPP has been in power for a long time and it's difficult for any opposition to win against them.

He says Tautua has been in touch with the break away MPs to discuss how they can support each other in the future.

"If a new party is being formed it will be a great assistance with our role and the opposition in trying to win government in the next general election. We will be focussing on working together with them to have a stronger opposition and preparing ourselves to be the next government."

Palusalue Faapo II says they won't join together as one party, but could look at working together as coalition parties.