21 Jan 2014

Legal reforms "out the window" says sacked Nauru judge

10:05 am on 21 January 2014

Nauru's sacked magistrate, Peter Law, says New Zealand-funded legal reforms in Nauru have been thrown out of the window following his deportation at the weekend.

Mr Law is now back in Australia after his sudden unexplained departure on Sunday following three years as the country's only resident magistrate.

He says his salary was paid for with New Zealand aid money and he was bringing in many New Zealand funded reforms including witness support, probation and training programmes.

"I would hope the New Zealand funding authorities raise with the government of Nauru some expectations about what they have in return, what their obligations are. One of them certainly should be the rule of law and not to apply it arbitrarily."

Peter Law says the legal system in Nauru is in total disarray after his deportation, the barring of the Chief Justice and Monday's resignation of the solicitor general.