15 Jan 2014

New airlines to boost American Samoa tourism industry

7:06 pm on 15 January 2014

The American Samoa visitors Bureau says the possibility of new airlines flying to the territory is part of plans to develop the tourism industry.

The governor Lolo Matalasi Molinga has announced he will be writing to Air New Zealand, Virgin Blue Australia, Fiji Airways and possibly airlines from Asia to extend services to Pago Pago.

Currently the only carriers that fly to American Samoa are Hawaiian Air, Polynesian Airlines and Inter Island Air.

The Executive Officer of the Visitors Bureau, David Vaeafe says extending airline services to American Samoa can attract more visitors.

"With tourism now being one of the main key economic drivers for the territory, part and parcel of that development requires us looking at our transportation systems and so forth. And as identified by our tourism master plan 2010, is a need to look at another carrier in terms of bringing more people to the territory."

David Vaeafe says greater competition between airlines will also mean the cost of flights will eventually drop.