13 Jan 2014

Sport: Samoa to meet Fiji for Rugby League Four Nations spot

11:34 am on 13 January 2014

Samoa play Fiji on the 5th of May for the vacant fourth spot in the Rugby League Four Nations.

The two countries last met at the World Cup quarter finals last year where Fiji or Bati sailed to a 22-4 victory. Neither of the teams has played in the Four Nations tournament before.

They play in Australia but the venue has yet to be finalised.

The fourth spot is reserved on alternative years for a country from the southern hemisphere or northern hemisphere.

Papua New Guinea is the only South Pacific country so far to have won the fourth spot - in 2010, after winning the 2009 Pacific Cup.

Samoa or Toa Samoa and Fiji won the right to hold a play-off to play in the Four Nations because of their performances in the 2013 World Cup. After that tournament Fiji rose in world rank to 5th while Samoa holds 8th place.