2 Sep 2013

PNG mining minister not expecting damage from seabed mining

7:21 pm on 2 September 2013

Papua New Guinea's Mining Minister Byron Chan says damage from a controversial seabed mining project is expected to be contained naturally.

Public opposition to the Nautilus Minerals-led Solwara One project in PNG's Bismarck Sea remains strong, based largely on the environmental uncertainties of the country hosting what would be world's first major deep sea mining operation.

Nautilus says it has conducted intensive research to satisfy all environmental requirements of the PNG Government.

Byron Chan says no mining activity is free of environmental damage but that with Solwara, little upheaval of the seabed is expected.

"There's daily eruptions happening down at the seafloor and these are contained naturally because of the density of the water at that level so there are natural environmental eruptions happening at the seabed where Nautilus is expected to mine, and it's contained naturally."

Byron Chan