3 Jul 2013

Solomons survey finds widespread dissatisfaction with services

6:46 pm on 3 July 2013

A survey of Solomon Islanders' views on what causes conflict in their communities and other issues has found widespread dissatisfaction with essential services such as health and education.

The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, or RAMSI, has released its sixth People's Survey as it prepares to mark 10 years since its deployment to restore law and order following several years of civil conflict.

RAMSI is being downsized this month to a policing-only mission, with the withdrawal of all soldiers and development asistance shifting to bilateral programmes run by Australia and New Zealand.

The mission's special co-ordinator, Nicholas Coppel, says the survey's findings will be of most use to the Solomon Islands government because they identify people's priorities.

"And what it's showing is that most communities aren't satisfied with the delivery of government services in general. It's not a problem that is specific to policing."

RAMSI's special co-ordinator, Nicholas Coppel.