6 Jul 2013

Vanuatu's PM replaces Justice Minister

5:29 am on 6 July 2013

The Vanuatu MP Silas Yatan has been replaced as the Minister of Justice by another Greens Confederation MP Toara Daniel.

The Vanuatu Daily Digest reports the move was made by Prime Minister Moana Carcasses to ensure political stability and lend balance to the regional distribution of portfolios, to ensure Shefa Province has a portfolio.

It also comes a day after Mr Yatan said the government may bring in the death penalty.

This follows several recent killings, including the murder of two women.

A pregnant woman was stabbed and killed by her drunken partner and a 21-year old woman, whose body was found floating in a river, was allegedly stabbed and killed by her partner.

One man has surrendered to the police while another suspect is still on the run.

Vanuatu has never had a death penalty law.

Silas Yatan now becomes the Prime Minister's parliamentary secretary, replacing MP Morkin Stephens.