26 Jul 2013

Nauru opposition upset at censorship

3:18 pm on 26 July 2013

A Nauru opposition MP, Mathew Batsiua, says he is appalled that the government is stopping local state media from broadcasting an interview with him.

Mr Batsiua says last Wednesday he was interviewed by Nauru Media on the opposition's views about the riot last week and its aftermath.

He says it covered issues such as the government's sudden suspension of the police commissioner, the way in which the reservists were called out in what he believes was a panicked response by government.

"Much to my dismay I was informed later that night that the media had received instructions from the acting president, David Adeang, not to show the interview that night. So I have since written to Mr Adeang to appeal to his better sense if they can allow the interview to be show on Nauru media."

Mathew Batsiua says the censorship is a disturbing trend with the new government taking a unilateral action to shut opposition viewpoints out of the media.