27 Jul 2013

Sport: European tour proving invaluable for Tahiti Beach Soccer team

8:58 am on 27 July 2013

The Tahiti beach soccer team is approaching the end of a marathon tour of Europe as they continue to fine-tune their preparations for September's World Cup in Papeete.

The Tiki Toa have spent the past few months in the Northern Hemisphere, chalking up a number of major victories against the likes of Austria and European League Champions Switzerland.

Their coach, Angelo Schirinzi, says the experience has been invaluable for his players.

"We went to Croatia for a tournament, we won in Austria for a tournament, we were in Estonia and we win a tournament in Estonia. Now the team is here - the players are playing in the Swiss league in several teams. This is important for having experience in this new sport. It's a win-win situation for the Federation because players can improve here in Europe, they have a lot of experience, they can play a lot of matches and the team will improve."

The Tiki Toa squad will fly back to Tahiti early next month to continue their preparations at home before the World Cup kicks off on September the 18th.