12 Aug 2013

PNG government promises real action on corruption

7:20 pm on 12 August 2013

The chief secretary to the Papua New Guinea government says there is too much talking and not enough fighting against corruption in PNG.

Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc has told a forum on PNG's proposed Independent Commission Against Corruption the government is willing to fight corruption head on.

Sir Manasupe says the government is ready to take serious steps to end corruption.

The government of Peter O'Neill was elected on a mandate to tackle corruption and fix the nation's ailing infrastructure.

In 2011 it set up Task Force Sweep to investigate corruption at the department of National Planning, but its purview was soon extended to cover other departments.

Task Force Sweep Chief Sam Koim said last year that about half of PNG's multi billion dollar aid budget for the 3 years from 2009 to 2011 had been lost to corruption.

In October last year he called Australia PNG's "Cayman Islands" for stolen funds.

In February his office in Port Moresby was ransacked.