19 Aug 2013

Vanuatu tourism to flourish with new aid commitments

6:26 am on 19 August 2013

The Vanuatu Tourism Office says operators and locals have been waiting a long time for funding for a new seawall in Port Vila, and are happy New Zealand has committed to help.

The General Manager Linda Kalpoi says it has long been a dream to have the jetty at Port Vila upgraded so that businesses can flourish and cruise tourists are encouraged to come on shore.

The engineering consultants say the seawall is deteriorated and has been a turnoff for cruise tourists in the past.

Ms Kalpoi says investors now have a new incentive to continue with their tourism development plans.

"That's very encouraging for the whole industry and that will give us another boost to move forward. And business people as well, the investors, that will enable them to continue with their business plans and things they have been actually looking at developing but were on hold because of the project."

The General Manager of the Vanuatu Tourism Office Linda Kalpoi.