26 Aug 2013

High allowances irk former Kiribati president

5:13 am on 26 August 2013

A former Kiribati president says it's not right for a cabinet minister, Taberannang Timeon, and his board members to receive a sitting allowance of 1,000 US dollars and 500 dollars respectively.

Teburoro Tito says he was informed by several employees about the payment, and they were very upset about the size of the allowances.

Mr Tito says many families are struggling to earn a dollar a day but the minister and his board members earn such money within a few hours.

An Officer in Charge of the Kiribati Port of Authority, Mr Koria, has told the Kiribati Independent that this was an annual general meeting of the board and that's why they were paid such a special allowance.

Several employees have pointed out that the KPA is not a private company, but a public company.

Mr Tito says that during his presidency, his government made a flat sitting allowance of between 40 and 50 dollars for all board directors in government companies.