6 Jun 2013

EU relationship with PNG not affected by death penalty decision

6:42 pm on 6 June 2013

The European Union says its relationship with Papua New Guinea will not be affected by the government's move to bring back the death penalty.

The head of the EU's delegation to PNG, Martin Dihm, says it would have preferred see the government introduce measures proven to prevent crime, such as strengthening the police force.

Mr Dihm says the EU is against capital punishment in all circumstances and he hopes the PNG government will change its mind.

"We believe the death penalty is not a solution to the crime situation because many studies have shown that it's not effective. And you have of course the risk of miscarriage of justice, even in the best judiciary systems errors can occur and once the death penalty is executed you can no longer rectify that."

Martin Dihm says the European Union will continue to provide funding to the PNG government for crime prevention measures such as conflict resolution classes.