8 May 2013

Temaru doubts France will up financial support for Tahiti

4:21 am on 8 May 2013

French Polynesia's outgoing President, Oscar Temaru, says he doubts his rival and successor as head of government, Gaston Flosse, can count on additional French financial support.

Mr Temaru has acknowledged France's financial contributions but he says the territory is bound to have to become more self-reliant.

He blames his election defeat on the poor state of the economy but questions whether his rival's promises can be fulfilled.

"Alot of people are still dreaming that France will be behind Mr Flosse now who is elected as the president of this country. At the same time we are telling our people it is time to address (the issue of) French financial support. We have to stand on our own feet."

Oscar Temaru says he plans to pursue his decolonisation campaign at the UN in New York