29 Apr 2013

USP hands out courses on tablet computers

7:13 am on 29 April 2013

The University of the South Pacific has handed out 600 tablet computers to students at regional campuses as part of a pilot programme.

The associate-dean for teaching and learning, Dr Bibhya Sharma, says the University has problems getting textbooks and other materials to its more remote campuses on time.

He says to combat this, the university is piloting the scheme leasing tablets to students with all their resources downloaded on to them.

"Our regional students face a lot of difficulties accessing information, getting timely access to textbooks, study guides and study materials. So what we thought was 'okay let's present to them all these things in a digital form so they don't have to wait for the books.' They have everything electronically available to them."

Bibhya Sharma says the feedback from its students has been positive and the pilot may be implemented to cover all students.