4 Mar 2013

Marshall Islanders closer to finding out more about effects of nuclear tests

6:47 am on 4 March 2013

Marshall Islanders are a step closer to finding out more about nuclear test fallout as the United States government considers the release of secret reports.

Our correspondent in Majuro says pressure to reveal the information increased after a visit to the Islands by the US Assistant Secretary of State, Kurt Campbell, last August.

Giff Johnson says the review is now underway of classified documents on nuclear test fallout monitoring from the 1956 and 1958 test series.

He says those nuclear weapons tests made up 50 of the 67 weapons tests the United States conducted at Bikini and Enewetak.

He says the document review is a significant step although there is no date for an official release yet.

"There has been no declassification of nuclear test documentation for more than fifteen years. So it's significant that the US government has responded positively, has identified more documents that are classified and apparently may release them."