1 Mar 2013

Fiji party decree poorly prepared, says party applicant

4:22 pm on 1 March 2013

A member of the former SDL party in Fiji says the government should have prepared the Political Parties Decree better.

Pio Tabaiwalu, from the group now applying as the Social Democratic Liberal Party under the abbreviation SODELPA, says he still hopes to be invited to sit on the Constituent Assembly.

The now defunct SDL Party was wound up after the decree banned parties with indigenous names, but an amendment two weeks ago further stopped it from using the English name with the same acronym.

Mr Tabaiwalu says the decree has inconsistencies as it would allow for a party to register a different name with the SDL acronym, but not his group.

"We have complied to the letter to the decree they have put out, whether it an embarrassment I won't comment on that, but I think they should have thought more carefully about Decree number four. They had no statement in that which said we cannot use the logo or the acronym of a previous party."

Pio Tabaiwalu stopped short of saying the new amendments were aimed directly at the proposed SODELPA.