20 Feb 2013

Lae hospital in PNG resumes service after protest over rape

1:36 pm on 20 February 2013

Services at Angau Hospital in Lae in Papua New Guinea have returned to normal after being shut because of protest called in response to the gang rape of a nurse.

The nurse was raped in her home by four men.

It comes amid increasing concern at the attacks on nurses and other people who work at night.

The Post Courier reports that about 500 staff stopped work and protested, highlighting the violence directed at health workers.

Our correspondent in Lae reports the health workers will present a petition to the Morobe provincial governor, Kelly Naru, calling for action over the violence.

Oseah Philemon says staff are now working normally within the hospital but security guards at the gates are vetting people entering.

"They will only allow [in] people who are really in need of emergency care. But otherwise anyone coming for routine checks, well, they won't be allowed in. But in terms of the operation of the hospital inside, it is working."

Oseah Philemon in PNG