15 Feb 2013

Sport: Politics blamed for wrestling being dumped from the IOC

11:44 am on 15 February 2013

The President of the American Samoa Wrestling Association says the decision to drop the sport from the 2020 Olympic Games has not been made for sporting reasons.

The IOC announced this week that wrestling won't feature in the 2020 Games, following a surprise recommendation by it's Executive Board.

It will now vie with seven other candidate sports to battleg for one spot in a revamped programme.

Ethan Lake says the sport holds a special place in Pacific culture and, with such a large following, it makes no sense to drop it from the Olympic programme.

"Some people think it's political - greco has not had the same popularity as freestyle. There was talk that they would cut out the greco, that there would be a compromise made and ok we will take out the greco but, to me, it's genocide of the sport as far as I'm concerned. Myself, I like freestyle so I would be happy with freestyle but that's not fair to those who do greco"

and focus on greco. Western Samoa - they have more of a focus on the Greco style of wrestling.