4 Jan 2013

Lolo sworn in as American Samoa governor

1:46 pm on 4 January 2013

American Samoa has a new Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

Lolo Matalasi Moliga and Lemanu Peleti Mauga were sworn in at a ceremony at Fagatogo malae this morning.

Lolo is the fifth governor of American Samoa since the territory began electing its own chief executive in 1977.

Our correspondent, Monica Miller, was at this morning's ceremony.

"This is a historical moment, we haven't had a real inauguration like this one in more than 10 years and so looking over at Fagatogo malae, although it's raining a big crowd has turned out. You can hear in the background the singing of the Amerika Samoa national anthem and that comes after the singing of the national anthem of the United States - and these are being sung by young people of the Territory and I think the Governor and Lieutenant having campaigned on people first are focussing on the young people as well as well as people from all walks of life."

Monica Miller.