31 Dec 2012

Cyclone Freda damages Solomons food supply

11:21 am on 31 December 2012

Emergency services in Solomon Islands will today fly over the main islands to assess the damage caused by tropical cyclone Freda.

The category four cyclone inflicted widespread flooding and landslides throughout the country, as well as damage to houses, roads, and bridges.

The Solomon Islands operations manager of World Vision, Jared Berends, says local crops have also been damaged.

Mr Berends says that will have a serious affect on residents.

"The flooding here has disrupted crops and food gardens, which has impacts on people down the line because 87 percent are subsistence farmers, some of the effects of that damage will be seen in months to come when food yields are lower."

Jared Berends says flooding is particularly bad in the province of Makira.

There have been no reports of deaths or injuries throughout the islands.