28 Dec 2012

Samoa government says medical staff now needed following Evan

5:01 am on 28 December 2012

The Samoa Government has asked donor countries, including New Zealand, if they can provide medical staff to relieve those who have been putting in long hours since Cyclone Evan hit two weeks ago.

Health workers have been dealing with an influx of patients with infected wounds and respiratory complaints while significant concerns remain about the dangers of typhoid and food borne disease.

The chief executive of the Ministry of Health Palanitina Toelupe says, with the limited resources, they cannot be certain they have reached everyone needing help around Upolu.

"There is a very limited number of people who are able to work. Our human resources in hospitals are getting very tired and we have asked for help in terms of people from overseas to at least relieve those who are working in the facilities. The ones that are working in public health we haven't been able to at least say confidently that we have reached everybody. There are still people that we have missed along the way."

The chief executive of the Ministry of Health Palanitina Toelupe, who says to cut waiting times they have established a second outpatients clinic in Apia.