22 Dec 2012

US President pays tribute to Hawaii's Daniel Inouye

10:16 am on 22 December 2012

President Barack Obama has paid tribute to U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye, a World War Two hero who represented Hawaii in Congress for more than 50 years.

He called the senator, who died this week, his earliest political inspiration.

Inouye, who lost his right arm in battle and gained national attention during the Senate's Watergate hearings, died at age 88.

Mr Obama, former President Bill Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden spoke about Inouye's legacy at a funeral service at the Washington National Cathedral.

Mr Obama recalled seeing Inouye ask tough questions during the televised Watergate hearings.

He said he had been fascinated by Inouye speaking in his courtly baritone, full of dignity and grace.

President Obama said it hinted to him of what might be possible in his own life

At the funeral, former President Clinton called Inouye one of the most remarkable Americans he ever knew.

And Vice President, Joe Biden, says Danny Inouye possessed that intangible thing that every leader longs to possess, and that is he would never waver on what he thought was right.