6 Nov 2012

Fiji regime has lost enthusiasm for constitution commission: Ghai

4:09 pm on 6 November 2012

The Chairman of Fiji's Constitution Commission, Professor Yash Ghai, says the Fiji regime has lost enthusiasm for the constitution-making body and perhaps for the process itself.

His comments come after the interim government scrapped a plan for public discussion of the draft constitution which the commission is writing at the moment.

It also follows the regime leader's criticism of the commission for engaging prominent lawyer and deposed Vice President Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi as a consultant.

Professor Ghai says it is extraordinarily difficult to work under what has become constant harrassment and the commission is continually discussing whether it can carry on its work.

"We have many different things to weigh which I can't set out in detail but we have made very significant progress in the drafting of the document. We feel that we have to, unless circumstances become impossible, complete our draft."

Professor Ghai says it is unfair for the interim government to bring in changes to the constitutional process at such a late stage.