17 Oct 2012

Ghai says Fiji constitution will be based on good package of submissions

5:44 pm on 17 October 2012

The chairperson of Fiji's Constitution Commission, Professor Yash Ghai, says the more than 3,000 submissions it has received make up a good package for the new constitution.

Submissions have closed but there has been criticism consultations on the new document were rushed and unfair, with young people especially lacking knowledge and funds to get together and contribute ideas.

Professor Ghai says civic education has been lacking but there have been many detailed recommendations and the constitution will gain much from people simply speaking from their heart.

"We are aware more than before the decline in economic standards, the decline in the welfare, how many many people are coping with absolutely dire poverty on a day to day basis. We have an idea of what people want for the future."

Professor Ghai says every group that wanted to talk to the commission has had a chance.

He says the commission has received very divergent views which now need to be harmonised if possible.

Professor Ghai says drafting will begin using public views set against a complex framework of past experience, decrees and the commissioners' own judgement.