17 Oct 2012

Simple strategies needed to care for sexual abuse victims in Pacific countries

8:17 am on 17 October 2012

A professor of Nursing says there are some simple strategies Pacific nations could adopt that will help give better care to sexual abuse victims.

Medical staff along with police and NGO's from 8 different pacific nations took part in training last week to help fill gaps in support for sexual assault victims.

Professor of Nursing, Jane Koziol-McLain, was involved in the training and says there are many challenges in the Pacific when it comes to caring for these victims.

She says there is sometimes a lack of medicine and equipment to do a proper exam of the victim.

"Even a simple kit that has a head-lamp, a magnifying glass, the paper work - here in New Zealand we have a medical examination kit that's put together, so there is the potential for some fairly simple strategies that can facilitate better care."

Jane Koziol-McLain says another way to help would be to change the attitude of blaming the victim, and instead be non-judgemental and sensitive to the victim.