24 Sep 2012

Fiji Police warn escapee to turn himself in

1:33 pm on 24 September 2012

Five people are facing charges, after Fiji police recaptured several of the group that escaped from Naboro Medium Corrections facility last Monday night.

The police say the four inmates are not scheduled to appear in court as they are still being questioned after they were caught on an island near Suva on Friday night.

However two people are charged with harbouring the prisoners, and two others are charged with assisting the escape.

Another person is alleged to have been part of a bank robbery in Samabula, which the police believe was committed by the escapees.

One of the inmates, Isoa Waqa, is still on the run.

The Acting Assistant Police Commissioner and the Police Chief of Operations, Rusiate Tudravu, says he should turn himself in.

"That is the only option left for him. It would be better for him just to surrender himself because all efforts are now being taken and we are trying our best to get him. So it is also another option, just to make things easier for all of us, is for him to surrender himself."

The Acting Assistant Police Commissioner says he is confident investigations will uncover how the five men escaped.

He says the Police and the Corrections Service are both looking into it.