13 Sep 2012

Fiji NGO calls for new flag

5:22 pm on 13 September 2012

A non-government organisation in Fiji says the country should fly a new flag which symbolises Fiji as a new nation.

The NGO, Pacific Dialogue, has raised more than a dozen issues in its submissions to the Constitutional Commission including concerns over the current flag.

The Chairman of the Board for Pacific Dialogue, Jone Dakuvula says Fiji is no longer a British aligned state and says it is an opportune time to replace the existing flag.

"It is inherited from the colonial history which has featured racism and divide and rule and symbolises subservience through an empire which is already gone. We are now an independent country and we need to assert our independence symbolically in a sense through a new flag."

Jone Dakuvula says Pacific Dialogue is recommending there be a flag design competition to select a new flag for Fiji.