13 Sep 2012

SPC official calls for more agencies to take role in fight against NCDs

1:53 pm on 13 September 2012

The head of the Healthy Lifestyle Section of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community wants to see other agencies, outside of health, take a bigger role in American Samoa's efforts to combat non communicable diseases.

The SPC is assisting island countries with their national programmes and plans on how to combat NCDs.

Dr Viliame Puloka, who is visiting American Samoa to check on progress, says he gets the impression there is little or no communication and coordination between different agencies on the issue.

Dr Puloka says the NCD epidemic requires action from outside the health sector.

"The best that the doctors in hospital can is only about 30 percent that they can contribute to the total health outcome that American Samoa wants, the rest of the 70 percent lies within education, within culture and with everybody else."

The head of the Healthy Lifestyle Section of the Pacific Community, Dr Viliame Puloka.