5 Jul 2012

Sport: Vanuatu netballers find positives in defeat

10:35 am on 5 July 2012

Despite heavy defeats on the scoreboard Vanuatu netball coach Beverly Ligo says her team has taken plenty of positives from their trip to Fiji.

A development team lost three matches against the Fiji Under 21 side last week, by 33, 34 and 38 goals.

But Beverly Ligo says she saw some big improvements.

"Usually in the past when we played first/second quarter and then third and fourth the girls seem to be very tired. That's one of the things I found out that's like a learning side in the first quarter and then to the second and third and fourth they start to build themselves up - their morale and agility especially and their focus and concentration in the games so it's one of the best teams I've travelled with."

Beverly Ligo says they hope to play more matches against the Fiji Under 21 team later in the year, and possibly to send a Vanuatu national team to Brisbane.