19 Jun 2012

ACP role gives Fiji political clout, says ambassador

3:16 pm on 19 June 2012

Fiji's ambassador to Brussels says being part of the African, Caribbean and Pacific group of countries lends it political capital.

Peceli Vocea says for the countries in the region, there is no rivalry between the ACP and the Pacific Islands Forum, which Fiji has been suspended from since 2009.

He says the ACP's 80 member states and the EU's 27 represent more than half of the United Nations membership.

Mr Vocea says because of Fiji's treatment from countries like Australia and New Zealand, it has leaned to organisations like the ACP.

"If Fiji is recognised altogether by these ACP EU countries, then we have political power, if you like, to proceed with the roadmap that the government has already put in place. I mean, that's political capital."

Peceli Vocea says at the moment, Fiji is mending its relations with Australia and New Zealand.