16 Jun 2012

Vanuatu's only woman MP says no to help into parliament

4:39 am on 16 June 2012

Vanuatu's only female member of parliament says special temporary measures are not the way to increase the political representation of women at the national level.

The comment comes as work continues in Solomon Islands to raise awareness of the different options available for getting more women into parliament, and the benefits.

A bill to create 22 reserved parliamentary seats for women in Papua New Guinea wasn't passed in time for next week's general election but support for its resurrection after the poll remains strong.

Eta Rory, the MP for Malekula, says she doesn't believe special treatment for women is necessary.

"Because just like the men, men prove themselves before they win the election. Even in other Pacific countries, I believe that if Solomon, Papua New Guinea want to run for election, the women must involve themselves through political party systems so that all the people will elect them."

Eta Rory says she is encouraging women in Vanuatu to stand for political parties and she thinks there will be more women in parliament after the October general election.