21 May 2012

Solomons magistrates urged to reconsider stance

2:32 pm on 21 May 2012

The Permanent Secretary of Justice and Legal Affairs in Solomon Islands is appealing to Honiara's Magistrates for their patience after six of them signalled they will resign.

Freddy Meesa says the magistrates wrote to the Chairman of the Public Service Commission earlier this month, seeking better salaries, bigger housing allowances and an improved scheme of service.

He says the magistrates stated in their letter that they would resign in the first week of August if their demands are not met.

He says although this is not a new issue, he is asking the Magistrates for time to sort out their concerns.

"We are trying our best to tell them that if they could be patient enough as we sort out these matters because if they do resign they do leave a very big gap. To me this is a priority area that should be taken up to the upper levels so that at least we can sort out some of their concerns."

Freddy Meesa says he has only been in his role for two months and he hopes cabinet, together with the head of Justice and relevant Permanent Secretaries, can resolve the matter.