25 Apr 2012

Solomons effort to keep calm after Honiara violence

4:37 pm on 25 April 2012

Solomon Islands police are working with MPs and elders to maintain calm after last Saturday's killing of a diplomat in Honiara.

Simon Fuoo, who had served in Australia and Switzerland, was stabbed to death by unknown assailants outside the Central Market.

Four other people were injured in the assault, and seven houses were burnt down in retaliation.

Our correspondent, Dorothy Wickham says there is some concern that if police don't act quickly, there may be more violence.

"There might be more retaliation against the people, or relatives of the people, who were involved in the killing. I think police are working with members of parliament who represent the two different areas involved in this problem, and also with elders of the group to try to negotiate it out and also to ensure there's no more violence."

Dorothy Wickham reporting from Honiara.

The acting commissioner of police has been unavailable for comment.