16 Apr 2012

School vandalism blamed on French Polynesia campaign comments

1:35 pm on 16 April 2012

As the French presidential election campaign has entered its final week, the Tahiti-based committee supporting Nicolas Sarkozy has blamed the French Polynesian president Oscar Temaru for the vandalism at a primary school.

Three children aged between seven and nine have been detained for systematically ransacking two classrooms in Pamatai a week ago.

The committee says the incident came after Mr Temaru publicly claimed that Mr Sarkozy didn't like children..

It says it is one thing to disagree with Mr Sarkozy but it is unworthy for Mr Temaru to tell lies in an effort to incite the people to rise up.

The statement also comes after the Socialist camp linked to Mr Temaru accused France's ruling UMP of failing to keep acting legally.

Mr Temaru's camp says the UMP-run state would never have opted for the kind of manipulations in France which it applied in French Polynesia where it changed the electoral system three times in seven years.