5 Apr 2012

LNG project worker reportedly shot dead by PNG police after confrontation

2:04 pm on 5 April 2012

Reports from Papua New Guinea say a worker with Exxon Mobil's Liquefied Natural Gas project has been shot dead by police in Southern Highlands.

The NGO, LNG Watch, reports that the shooting occurred at an LNG project camp in Moro on Tuesday.

It allegedly stemmed from a heated discussion between two workers - one from Tari and the other from Poroma - and a number of Mobile Squad officers attached to the project.

When the workers challenged the Mobile Squad officers, a fight broke out which reports say ended with police shooting the two men.

The Tari man died on the spot, while the Poromo worker suffered minor injuries when a bullet grazed his head.

The government recently directed extra police units, as well as military forces, to the region to address law and order issues around the project.

The LNG site has reportedly gone into lockdown.