27 Jan 2012

PNG PM says defence HQ is back in Government's hands

6:50 am on 27 January 2012

The Papua New Guinea Prime Minister says a military mutiny is over and the government has regained full control of its military barracks.

About 20 soldiers put Defence Force Commander Brigadier Francis Agwi under house arrest and replaced him with Brigadier Yaura Sasa in the latest move linked to the power struggle between two political groups claiming to be government.

Late last night, Peter O'Neill told reporters that Francis Agwi has been freed.

"The government has now taken control of the barracks, the soldiers have now withdrawn to Taurama barracks, those who were at Murray barracks. The Commander is now released, he's not under house arrest and as a result, the Government has taken full control of the defence headquarters."

Peter O'Neill says Colonel Sasa is being "dealt with" but did not clarify what that means.