24 Jan 2012

Heavy rain to continue in Fiji as buildings in Nadi flood and schools are closed

10:46 am on 24 January 2012

Two people are now known to have died and thousands have been evacuated as floodwaters continue to rise in Fiji.

Both those who died were farmers trying to rescue animals from flood waters.

Fiji's main island, Viti Levu, appears to be the worst affected with access roads cut off in the towns of Nadi, Ba and Rakiraki.

Fiji's Meteorological Service says the tropical depression bringing the heavy rain is expected to stay until Thursday.

The President of the Fiji Law Society and Nadi resident, Dorsami Naidu says the flooding where he is, is worse than the disaster of 2009:

"The place I'm in it's a two tier house and the bottom floor has water in it, the grounds are flooded out the roads are flooded out, the land here, the market, and access to the facilities, the hospital, because the roads are blocked. In the low lying areas you've got buildings underwater."

Dorsami Naidu says evacuation centres have been established for those affected.