18 Jan 2012

Pest eradications in Pacific states "worth the effort"

10:55 am on 18 January 2012

The Pacific Invasives Initiative is pleased more small island states are seeking expert help to eradicate pests that endanger wildlife, and affect the environment and economies.

The PII, based in New Zealand, is involved in a growing number of team operations in the Pacific region.

Most recently it was involved in a goat and rat eradication project on Fiji's Mamanuca islands that took two years to plan.

The Co-ordinator Bill Nagle, says eradications require years of planning and resources, but are well worth the effort.

"Tourism is affected, with little fire ants in New Caledonia, and now they've gone as far as Guam now. So there are a number of issues to address, and there is no doubt that most Pacific countries will need outside assistance because its a very specialist area to start of with. You can't just go in there, and start throwing around toxins. It takes a lot of planning, a lot of expertise."