15 Dec 2011

Marshalls to probe alleged voting irregularity at one polling station

5:20 pm on 15 December 2011

The Attorney General's office in the Marshall Islands has launched an investigation into possible irregularities at one polling station during last month's election.

This follows a complaint filed by campaign officials of Amenta Matthew, who lost her seat to Hiroshi Yamamura by 406 to 343 votes.

It is alleged that while people were standing in line to vote at the polling station for Utrik Atoll voters, they were given sheets of paper with numbers corresponding to council candidates and Mr Yamamura.

Ms Matthew, who was the health minister, had been the only woman in the Marshalls' parliament in the past four years.

Four other complaints were determined to be without merit

After December the 26th, the election results will be declared official, which will allow the parliament to be seated on January the 3rd.