21 Nov 2011

Liquor ban for Lae after PNG riots

7:47 am on 21 November 2011

A liquor ban has been imposed in the Papua New Guinea city of Lae after recent rioting in which a number of people were killed and hundreds of homes destroyed.

Ethnic clashes erupted earlier this month after youths unsuccessfully sought to present a petition to the Morobe provincial governor on rising crime and sexual assaults on women.

Our correspondent in Lae says although schools and businesses have reopened, things remain tense.

Oseah Philemon says it's best not to drive through certain parts of the city.

"Because anything could happen, you could be stoned or you could be harrassed and these sorts of things. Even businesses, although they have opened and are trading, they are mindful that anything could happen and that's why I say it's still tense."

Oseah Philemon says abuse of alcohol and marijuana is a huge problem in Lae and contributed to the rioting.