16 Nov 2011

Adeang resumes as Nauru finance minister

7:01 pm on 16 November 2011

A Nauru politician dumped as the country's finance minister four years ago has been restored to the post.

David Adeang had led the campaign to remove the previous government and succeeded on Tuesday when Sprent Dabwido crossed the floor and was offered the presidency.

Mr Adeang lost his job in 2007 amid corruption allegations involving Asian businesses.

He was never charged with any offence.

Mr Adeang himself made similar allegations over the past month about former president Marcus Stephen, who lost his position on Thursday to Freddie Pitcher, in an attempt by the previous government to retain power.

But a vote of no confidence in Mr Pitcher on Tuesday saw the opposition take over.

Mr Adeang will also be Justice Minister.

The President, Sprent Dabwido, has given himself several portfolios, including foreign affairs.