16 Nov 2011

Rock throwing protestors in Solomon Islands capital demand new prime minister resign

5:05 pm on 16 November 2011

Protestors in the Solomon Islands capital are demanding that the newly elected prime minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo, step down.

The protest, mostly involving groups from Malaita, stems from concerns Mr Darcy Lilo, who's from Western Province, will not direct government funding to Malaita.

Businesses shut their doors several hours ago, soon after it was revealed that Mr Darcy Lilo had easily won the parliamentary vote to replace Danny Philip as prime minister.

The swearing in of ministers has already been delayed and our correspondent,

Dorothy Wickham, says the protestors have targetted government buildings with rocks.

"Basically throwing stones at the Government House. They threw a few stones in the centre of town. And now they have given out a verbal warning to the Government House that Gordan Darcy Lilo must not be sworn in today. And they want him to step down by 4.30 today or their riot will continue."