21 Oct 2011

Economic issues key issue for voters in Kiribati

10:02 am on 21 October 2011

A Kiribati development worker says economic issues are key questions being focussed on as the country heads in to today's general election.

Kiribati goes to the polls today for the first of two rounds of voting.

The development group, Nei Tabera Ni Kai, has conducted a survey of issues voters are interested in, results of which are due out soon.

Linda Uan says while the cost of living and education are major issues, climate change is also being talked about.

"It was not before in our last survey but looking at the survey results, we haven't completed that yet, but looking at them so far, it is becoming a high issue. And this is because there's been a lot of concerted effort and awareness campaigns."

Linda Uan from the Kiribati development group, Nei Tabera Ni Kai