12 Oct 2011

New MSG head sees potential in Polynesian equivalent

11:59 am on 12 October 2011

The new Director General of the Melanesian Spearhead Group Secretariat says the concept of forming a Polynesian sub-regional group can benefit countries in the area.

Leaders from Polynesian countries will meet Samoa next month to create an organisation similar to the MSG.

Peter Forau, who took up his post at the MSG headquarters in Vanuatu last month, says while a Polynesian group could boost unity, there is one issue he is concerned about.

"I hope it's not seen to be a counter sub-regional organisation developed to try and create something that would try and counter what we do here at the MSG. I think that would be counterproductive to the intentions of the Polynesians."

Peter Forau says there is potential for Polynesian countries to work closer together and build on common interests.