11 Oct 2011

Ballot paper delivery challenge ahead of Kiribati election

2:34 pm on 11 October 2011

Ballot papers for the Line Islands in Kiribati may not get there in time for next week's election because Air Pacific cancelled a flight.

The chief electoral officer, Rine Ueara, says some of the ballot papers for the Line Islands have been printed.

138 candidates, including 12 women, are standing in 44 seats for the election to be held on October the 21st.

Ms Ueara says transportation is now the major issue, with Air Pacific informing her office of the cancellation of a flight to Christmas Island last night.

"Still we're negotiating with Air Pacific if they can give us some more options. If they can take the matter and consider it. I am seeking the electoral commission view, the electoral commission will be meeting to consider the matter. Still, we're still planning and negotiating with Air Pacific."

Rine Ueara says she has had no response from Air Pacific yet, and is looking at other options like chartering a shipping service.