6 Oct 2011

NZ High Comissioner says Tuvalu people bearing up well in drought

4:18 pm on 6 October 2011

The New Zealand High Comissioner to Tuvalu says the people of the drought stricken atolls are coping

Two desalination units from New Zealand are now in operation on the island of Nukulaelae, which has been the part of the country hardest hit by drought.

New Zealand has responded to call for help from the Tuvalu government after the country declared a state of emergency last week.

Commissioner Gareth Smith says the situation in Nukulaelae has eased and the people are bearing up well.

"Tuvaluans are an incredibly resilient people.They live in a remote atoll. They're smiling and they look relaxed. There was a dire situation on Nukulaelae. But I think the flight up from the RNZAF Hercules and the contribution, very quick and useful contribution from the New Zealand Red Cross in support of the Tuvalu Red Cross has rectified that situation."

New Zealand High Commissioner to Tuvalu, Gareth Smith, says the weather forecast is grim with little rain expected in the near future.